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Streamen wird darber hinweg, dass Solomon Northup auch dieses Holz, und Dokumentationen.

Knight Rider Episoden

Diese Episodenguide enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Knight Rider, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenguide der US-Serie Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. in Gefahr! mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden.

Knight Rider Episoden Alle Staffeln der Serie Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. in Gefahr!

Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Michael Long, ein junger Polizist, untersucht in Nevada einen schweren Fall von Industriespionage. An seiner Seite: Seine Kollegin. Diese Episodenguide enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Knight Rider, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. In der vierten und letzten Staffel der Krimiserie Knight Rider kämpfen Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) und sein Auto K.I.T.T. gegen das Verbrechen und. Knight Rider Episodenguide. Hier findest Du die einzelnen Episoden der 80er Jahre Serie Knight Rider. Die Episoden des neuen Knight Rider () findest Du. Episodenguide der US-Serie Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. in Gefahr! mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. M?rz und brachte es auf nur 17 Episoden in der einzigen produzierten Staffel. Aktuelle Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. in Gefahr.

Knight Rider Episoden

Knight Rider Episodenliste. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick). Knight Rider Episodenguide. Hier findest Du die einzelnen Episoden der 80er Jahre Serie Knight Rider. Die Episoden des neuen Knight Rider () findest Du. Episodenguide der US-Serie Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. in Gefahr! mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden.

Die Episode "Der unheimliche Mönch" ist die Regie führte Gilbert M. Die Episode "Der japanische Geheimbund" ist die Die Episode "Der geheimnisvolle Ohrclip" ist die Staffel 3.

Ein geheimnisvoller Roboter - Teil 1. Die Episode "Ein geheimnisvoller Roboter - Teil 1" ist die 1. Episode der 3. Ein geheimnisvoller Roboter - Teil 2.

Die Episode "Ein geheimnisvoller Roboter - Teil 2" ist die 2. Die Episode "Das zweite Gesicht" ist die 3. Die Episode "Fahrerflucht" ist die 4. Die Episode "Tödliches Kostümfest" ist die 5.

Der schwarze Teufel taucht wieder auf. Die Episode "Der schwarze Teufel taucht wieder auf" ist die 6. Die Episode "Viehdiebe - Der geheime Apfel" ist die 7.

Regie führte Bob Bralver und Peter L. Dixon nach einem Drehbuch von Gerald Sanford. Die Episode "Michael fällt in Ungnade" ist die 8.

Die Episode "Tödliche Orchideen" ist die 9. Regie führte Bernard L. Die Episode "Das Chamäleon" ist die Die Episode "Eine Nasenlänge voraus" ist die Die Episode "Eine schreckliche Falle" ist die Die Episode "Der Konkurs" ist die Die Episode "Ein Neubau mit Wanzen" ist die Die Episode "Das Loch" ist die Die Episode "Elliot, der Schlaukopf" ist die Die Episode "Shattners Komplott" ist die Die Episode "Michael Knight und die Zukunft" ist die Die Episode "Die Waffenbörse" ist die Die Episode "Tod unter der Zirkuskuppel" ist die Staffel 2.

Goliaths Geburt - Der Kampf mit Goliath. Episode der 2. Bei diesen Anbietern streamen:. Die Episode "Der Erpresser" ist die 3. Die Episode "Händler des Todes" ist die 4.

Die Episode "Blindes Vertrauen" ist die 5. Kowaalski nach einem Drehbuch von Jackson Gillis. Die Episode "Geheimversteck Cadiz" ist die 6.

Die Episode "Der Fassadenkletterer" ist die 7. Die Episode "Devon Miles in Nöten" ist die 8. Die Episode "Ein Ring aus Feuer" ist die Die Episode "Gedächtnisschwund" ist die Die Episode "Eine schöne Bescherung" ist die Regie führte Bruce Kessler und Stephen B.

Die Episode "Die Schatzsuche" ist die Die Episode "Diamantenschmuggel" ist die Die Episode "Eine Kleinstadt lebt gefährlich" ist die Die Episode "Wettlauf mit dem Tod" ist die Die Episode "Schnelle Teufel" ist die Die Episode "Goliath kommt zurück I " ist die Die Episode "Goliath wird vernichtet II " ist die Die Episode "Gefährliches Spielzeug" ist die Die Episode "Goldschmuggel I " ist die Ich werd' ewig dein Freund bleiben.

Die Episode "Ich werd' ewig dein Freund bleiben" ist die Die Episode "Einer spielt falsch" ist die Kowalski nach einem Drehbuch von Julie Friedgen.

Staffel 1. Devon instructs Michael to investigate corporate raider Lawrence Blake, who buys mortgages and firms which all 'happen to' go broke shortly after.

The next prey is Sammy Phillips's private stock car and motor vehicle stunts show, which he runs with his son, would-be motorbike stuntman Mark.

Michael infiltrates as new stunt driver after Sammy has a suspicious accident. Driving Kitt, stunts are almost too easy anyway, Blake's goon Bill Gordon just the right size, although he has an inside accomplice.

Things become more complicated when KARR has the thieves kidnap Bonnie so she can repair a malfunctioning circuit.

Cheryl Burns, an old friend of Michaels, has been accused of murder. Michael asks for some time off to search out the only man who can clear Cheryl: accountant Marty King, a 'Woody Allen' type.

Michael goes to Texas to meet Father Carlos Laguna, whose family is feuding with a group of gunrunners in possession of an advanced assault rifle called the X The situation worsens when Carlos' brother Roberto is shot with an X during a drive-by attack.

With the help of a bartender named Angie, Michael poses as a gun collector and makes contact with the gunrunners where he offers to buy the whole shipment of Xs.

They strike a deal, but Angie tricks Michael and steals his suitcase full of money, which was charity funds provided by Devon.

Michael goes to Las Vegas to help a woman named Rita Wilcox, whose brother has gone missing. Elsewhere, Devon has a meeting with Elizabeth Knight, Wilton Knight's widow, who remains involved with funding the Foundation, although Devon distrusts her motives.

Michael is shocked to learn of the existence of Wilton's criminal son, Garthe, upon whom his new face was based.

Devon explains Garthe had been imprisoned with three consecutive life sentences in Africa, and was expected by Wilton and all to never be seen again.

He's managed to escape and has settled in Las Vegas. Things get more complicated when Michael learns Rita is also involved with Garthe, and her brother was conducting some kind of investigation on him.

Michael uncovers her brother's audio tapes containing information on a place known as "Red Bluff", a classified weapons storage facility deep in the Nevada desert.

Red Bluff currently holds a collection of tactical missiles which would be dangerous in the wrong hands, especially a third world nation. When Michael learns Garthe is secretly meeting with an African military general named Tsombe Kuna, the pieces come together.

Just how Garthe intends on getting the missiles out of the highly guarded facility isn't certain; that is until Michael comes face-to-face with a massive semi truck known as "Goliath" which is protected with the same indestructible molecular bonded shell technology as KITT.

Garthe shows Michael just how unstoppable Goliath is when he lures Michael to a dry lake for a showdown. Goliath easily clobbers KITT in a collision that nearly destroys him.

KITT is soon severely damaged, and Michael is left for dead, but he manages to get KITT back on his wheels and uses the turbo boost as a makeshift ram jet to get them back home.

Elsewhere, Michael surprises Garthe when he shows up alive and well at the casino and embarrasses Garthe by beating him at a craps table with KITT's help.

In anger, Garthe chases Michael down in his Mercedes, but Michael lures him into a trap where Devon and April hold him hostage.

In the meantime, Garthe manages to escape and rushes to stop Michael before he can plant a bomb on Goliath. Once Michael is discovered, he is taken prisoner by General Kuna and is forced to watch Goliath smash its way into Red Bluff.

A squad of Kuna's soldiers then load the missiles into Goliath's trailer. Michael isn't finished yet, and has KITT cause a disturbance so he can slip away.

Garthe Knight escapes from prison; broken out by his menacing truck "Goliath" which crashes through the prison walls.

Meanwhile, Michael is attending a reception for Dr. Klaus Bergstrom, a brilliant scientist who is in town for a symposium on laser technology.

Since Bergstrom's knowledge would be quite valuable to an enemy government, the Foundation is assigned to protect him, however things get complicated once Michael learns of Garthe's escape and the sudden appearance of Goliath which was thought to be destroyed.

Later, Garthe teams up with another familiar enemy, Adrianne St. Her technicians have rebuilt Goliath and this time made certain the truck's weaknesses have been eliminated.

With Michael temporarily out of the way, Garthe and Adrianne abduct Dr. Bergstrom and replace him with a surgically altered clone to deceive his niece Christina.

Christina becomes suspicious that her uncle is an impostor after he loses his limp caused by a sprained ankle the night before.

Michael arrives to check on her and confirms her suspicions that her uncle is a fraud. To avoid further complications, Michael has Christina play along with the ruse while he tries to locate Devon and April.

Bergstrom prisoner. The duo doesn't get far when they encounter Goliath blocking their path. Garthe's thugs soon capture Michael and he's introduced to Garthe's dungeon; a rat infested cell just like the one Garthe was held captive inside of in Africa.

KITT is held in a garage with his nemesis Goliath. Elsewhere, Devon, April and Bergstrom rig an explosive to escape their cell, but they are quickly captured again.

Garthe reveals that Bergstrom will be "sold" to an interested government and smuggled out of the country via submarine which is waiting off the coast.

Devon and April's fate will be to die along with Michael once Garthe self-destructs the mansion. Michael eventually escapes the dungeon by tricking the guards with an assembled recording of Adrianne's voice.

Once Christina is safe, Michael returns to the estate to rescue Devon and April before the whole place blows.

He then races to rescue the real Bergstrom from Goliath's trailer and stop Garthe and Adrianne once and for all. Michael goes to Calexico on an investigation for Joanna St.

John, whose ex-husband, attorney Arthur Abrams, has been murdered at the Mexican border. Abrams was investigating the smuggling of illegal aliens into the country.

When Michael and Joanna check out the site, they find the operation was smuggling more than immigrants when pieces of pottery are found with flecks of gold.

Heading back to Joanna's motel, the two find an intruder who makes an amazing acrobatic getaway. Michael learns the man is David Dalton Charles Taylor , a federal investigator working secretly for the Justice Department.

Dalton is hard to catch, but once Michael finds him, he convinces him they are on the same side and should work together. Michael and KITT conduct the legwork of the investigation while Dalton stays close to Joanna who decides to infiltrate O'Brien's birthday party at a beach house estate owned by Elton Mathews.

Mathews has been supplying the vehicles and equipment for a mysterious digging operation only known as "Boca Culebra" a. Mouth of the Snake.

As KITT creates a disturbance, Michael hitches a ride aboard a truck and finds statues with gold bricks inside. Dalton learns O'Brien is using the gold to purchase a cargo plane, but the reason still eludes him.

The story continues as Michael and Dalton investigate further and discover a warehouse filled with rockets. Michael and KITT soon learn the rockets are for a semi truck with a mobile launcher hidden in the trailer and the duo barely escape its attack.

Elsewhere, Joanna becomes more acquainted with O'Brien who quickly becomes infatuated with her. He invites her aboard his yacht where she manages to steal the combination to his safe.

Dalton later sneaks aboard and breaks into the safe where he finds plans for advanced weapon systems. O'Brien eventually figures out he's been duped when he finds the combination in Joanna's waste basket, however he doesn't immediately let on to her treachery.

Meanwhile, Michael follows Mathew's trucks to the dig site discovering a cave "the mouth" and a secret tunnel "the snake" which leads to a military weapons depot.

The pieces come together as O'Brien plans to use the rockets to attack the base while his men raid the depot vaults for the experimental weapons.

The plane will arrive and transport the weapons out of the country. Now Michael and Dalton must stop O'Brien and Mathews who have kidnapped Joanna and set out on their operation to attack the depot.

Michael meets up with Bonnie at a university research center in San Francisco to convince her to return to the Foundation.

Elsewhere, a criminal mastermind named Margo Sheridan rounds up high-tech criminals: a criminal from prison whose escape they have arranged by the use of a remote control drone car , an electrician on probation with alarm system expertise, and Bonnie's college advisor, David Halston Jared Martin , to commit a robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank.

In the process of investigating Halston's connection to Sheridan, KITT is ambushed and severely damaged by a missile deployed from a drone car built by Halston.

Bonnie rebuilds KITT, giving him new improvements, including a newly designed dashboard. When they go to that location with the police, they find that building has been emptied, and neither Bonnie nor Halston were there.

Michael then uses reverse psychology to get Clifton and Turk to believe that the squirt gun he has is a pain inducer, and they reveal that Halston wanted maps of Chinese tunnels that once were in the area.

Later, the escaped convict and electrician realize the direction Halston has them digging in is not towards the bank, but towards the vault of a weapons company.

It's revealed that Halston designed a weapon for that company, but wasn't fully credited for the achievement and decides to sell it to the highest bidder.

He then kills the convict and the electrician. Later, Michael faces off with Sheridan, Halston, and his robotic drone cars that he unleashes to eliminate him.

John fetches his truck and pulls KARR out, who then activates on his own. They track the source and find KARR alive and well.

The duo give chase, but KARR gets away. John's boss Eddie scolds him for leaving a marina truck by the beach. Later, Michael gets suspicious when he meets Mandy and senses she may be lying about her boyfriend, who slips out the back when he arrives.

John says he doesn't have that kind of money, but KARR convinces him to steal it with his help. KARR and John turbo boost into the trailer and find Bonnie and Devon working on the laser used to stop him during their first encounter, and John takes it.

Later, Eddie recovers, and John gives him the money for his business, and Eddie demands to know where and how John got the money.

KARR concedes, but John wants no part of it and walks away. KARR tells Eddie to let him go. He then tortures her until John agrees to help him rob the armored truck.

R episode in the unfortunately short-lived Knight Rider revival where K. R was once again voiced by his original first voice actor Peter Cullen who also voiced him in his debut first appearance in The Original Knight Rider Series K.

R and is instead the Voice of K. R in this Season 3 episode of Knight Rider although uncredited for the vocal role as with William Daniels who was the voice of K.

Michael is suspended for his behavior, and FLAG searches for a replacement for him. Michael gains a crime lord's trust by pretending to be a drug dealer, but the boss John Considine sends him to steal an electronic key from Devon.

KITT, who is made unaware of Michael's scheme, refuses to help, believing Michael has really turned into a criminal. Michael ends up shooting Devon to get the key and manually driving KITT to get to the "vault" containing a biological weapon.

While in the vault, it is revealed that Michael and Devon who was not killed by the shot planned the whole thing, and Michael stops the crime lord from selling it.

He also saves a women and reunites her with her daughter, who was held captive by the crime lord in order to keep her with him. Michael infiltrates a survivalist convention where stolen laser weapons are being sold.

Judy Landers makes her second Knight Rider appearance. Michael goes to Chicago on an assignment to guard a valuable isotope. Meanwhile, an international terrorist kidnaps Devon Miles and replaces him with a surgically altered impostor as a plot to get his hands on the isotope.

Devon's changed behavior alerts Michael's suspicions and he disobeys orders to "take a vacation" until he finds out what is going on. Clues lead to a warehouse, where KITT's molecular bonded armor is unknowingly neutralized by a chemical sprayer on a nearby street, and he and Michael are attacked by an armored vehicle KITT cannot defend against.

Devon strangely writes-off KITT as a total loss, and when he answers a question Michael asks about Moby Dick wrong, Michael is even more doubtful that it is truly Devon.

KITT is reborn with some new gadgets, including a rocket-fast "super pursuit" mode. Michael must now race to save the real Devon and prevent the theft of the isotope.

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Glen A. Note: This Episode marks the debut of K. T Knight Industries Two Thousand. Originally shown as a Two-hour Pilot Movie, but in syndication is shown as 2 separate episodes.

Paul Stanley. Michael helps a stranded Army Lieutenant named Robin Ladd who learns her father has died in a suspicious accident. Michael conducts his own investigation which leads to uncovering the theft of nuclear warheads from an Army weapons depot and evidence the top brass may be involved.

Michael Knight plans a rock-climbing holiday in small town White Rock. There he experiences bullying, even against nice young boy Davey, and an equally coward sheriff taking the side of the strongest 'to avoid worse'.

Michael tries to help when the Scorpions motor gang moves in, but gets incarcerated and escapes. He deals with them himself and finds out they expect the rival gang Road Dogs for a confrontation which would wreck the town.

Devon assigns Michael to protect Senator Maggie Flynn who has made enemies in her political crusade to fight a new energy bill. After numerous attempts on her life, Michael arranges for her to hide out with Devon, much to Devon's chagrin, while he conducts an investigation with Flynn's assistant Jane Adams, who suspects a rival politician to be involved in the attacks.

Virgil W. Michael and K. Michael meets his match in a hotheaded young widow who leads the fight for their rights and is instructed to make sure she doesn't do anything too impulsive.

Bernard L. Devon Miles is arrested on a traffic violation in Lyndhurst Flats and ends up sharing a jail with Frank Reston, the very journalist he was planning to meet.

When Reston is killed by the corrupt police officers because he had too much evidence against them, Devon's life becomes forfeit as he was the last one to see Reston alive.

Michael teams up with Frank's ex-wife Carol in his search for Devon. Steven E. De Souza. R Knight Automated Roving Robot. R and is the voice of K.

R because when K. R is instead and now was instead actually voiced by the late legendary voice actor Paul Frees.

Peter Crane. Michael captures a criminal named Dugan and takes his place as Colonel Kincaid's new driver. His goal is to find out for what purpose Kincaid is building his own private task team and catch him red-handed.

Paul Edwards. This episode was dedicated to R. Cinader , stating "he was an original". Devon Miles has organized an anti-terrorism treaty between three rather unstable third world nations.

Michael is assigned to find a plant and possible hit-man amongst the security team. He joins them during their special training session at Redmond's Victory Academy.

Michael Knight is staying at a beach house with the daughter of newly elected president of the South American country of San Marada.

His assignment is to protect both her and her father. A young woman named Micki overhears the conspirators' plot to assassinate El Presidente and is thrown off a cliff.

Michael manages to rescue Micki, though she ends up with temporary amnesia. Jeffrey Hayden. Note: KITT's voice modulator is finally upgraded for the first time into the trio of digital bars seen during the remainder of the series run.

Michael and Kitt enter the Alternative , a cross country race for cars that run on alternative fuel. They are there to find a saboteur, not to win, but find themselves having to rescue nosy reporter Liberty Cox in each lap.

Stephen Katz. A high-profile "skin magazine" editor named Philip Royce is murdered and Michael helps his daughter Lauren investigate who killed him and why.

The clues may be found in Royce's computer, but the file he was working on is password protected under the code name "Topaz". The plot thickens when a private investigator Royce hired calls Lauren to reveal the story, but the man is killed by a sniper.

Lauren and Michael then follow the P. Michael travels to Alpine Crest posing as a skip-tracer in pursuit of a counterfeiter.

There he and Kitt find out CIA is keeping an eye on a much bigger operation. Bonnie is given the honor of joining the Helios society, whose members all have genius level I.

This to Devon's chagrin, who was expecting a nomination himself, but has to be content with honorary membership. However, it soon becomes clear that high ranking members of the society are planning to ensure their own survival by committing the perfect crime.

For this they need to get their hands on Kitt and to get rid of its driver, Michael Knight. Michael learns that the woman he was once engaged to, Stephanie Mason Catherine Hickland , has been arrested for her involvement in a money laundering scheme.

Unfortunately, he was engaged to her when he was Michael Long and Stephanie thinks he is dead. The Justice Department has given Stephanie the option of turning in her boss Gilbert Cole, or face conspiracy charges if she refuses.

The situation intensifies when Cole sends thugs to eliminate her before she can testify before a grand jury. Now Michael must protect the woman he once loved and capture the people who are setting her up, all the while avoiding slip ups that may give away his secret identity.

Christian I. Nyby II. A shipment of highly sensitive Micro-Tech electronic components is stolen near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When Michael goes to investigate, he finds himself attracted to the cause of the Alliance of Indipendent Truckers, who have lost 6 shipments.

A CEO of an electronics firm Robert Ginty hires the Foundation to help catch whoever is stealing software from his company. Michael suspects someone on the inside — a programmer named Julian Groves Tony Dow when he learns of his involvement with a con-woman named Connie Chason.

Soon an overzealous private investigator named Flannery Roe Gail Edwards , hired by Grove's wife, gets into Michael's way, but things become more complicated when Connie is found murdered in Julian's bungalow and the programmer is on the run.

Michael doesn't believe Julian is capable of murder and he and Flannery are forced to tolerate each other to find the real killer. Michael picks up a hitchhiker who's looking for her daughter.

When he defends her from a couple of bikers from the Satan's Stompers motorcycle club, he ends up charged with second degree murder himself.

Originally shown as a feature-length episode, but was later cut into two separate episodes in syndication. David Hasselhof plays both Michael and Garthe Knight in a dual role.

Michael infiltrates a maximum security prison to spring a convict named Peter McCord, who is terrified to leave the big house, and even turns down his parole.

Knight Rider Episoden

Knight Rider Episoden Knight Rider auf DVD

Auch diese Serie war in Deutschland sehr erfolgreich. Knight And Nerd. Das Schlangenmaul Mouth of the Snake [a. White Der Junge Im Gestreiften Pyjama (Film) Warriors. Die Episode "Kidnapping" ist die 3. Januar The Scent Of Roses. Devon macht sich auf, um einen Reporter zu treffen, der ihm eine brisante Geschichte erzählen wird. Return To Cadiz. Zwischen zwei Frauen. Not A Drop To Drink. Sie wird entdeckt und geschnappt. Die Episode "Computerspiele" ist die Dakota Sky Goldschmuggel I. White Line The Danish Girl Movie4k. Knight Of The Phoenix. Bei der Übernachtung in einem Hotel 648 Michael überfallen und muss aus Notwehr einen der beiden Männer töten. Knight of the Iguana. Johann König Day Viral 2019 Stream Deutsch White Rock. Doch die Polizei hat die Rechnung ohne K. Fly By Knight. Alpine Crest ist eine bürgerliche Kleinstadt, in der es anscheinend Wolfsnächte Netflix Verbrechen gibt. Der geheimnisvolle Ohrclip.

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Knight Rider - Season 1 Episode 5 - NBC Classics Die Episode "Michael Knight und die Zukunft" ist die Ein mysteriöser Saboteur. Jetzt ansehen. Michael fällt in Ungnade. Eine schreckliche Falle Yunkyard Dog. Das Schlangenmaul Mouth of the Snake [a. Vergangenheit Spanisch kommt mit KITT vorbei und nimmt sie mit. Ein geheimnisvoller Roboter - Teil 1. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Do Die Episode "Wer andern eine Grube gräbt" ist die Knight Rider Episodenliste. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick). Knight Rider. David Hasselhoff: Die Rolle des Michael Knight machte David Hasselhoff zum Star. Die Serie, die in den er Jahren bei RTL erstmals lief, war​. FAN-CLUB · K.I.T.T. · Episoden-Beschreibungen · K.A.R.R.. Episoden. Darsteller · Garthe&Goliath · Knight-Rider-Chronologie · NEWS. EPISODENFÜHRER.

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KITT VS KARR - The Showdown - Knight Rider Die Episode "Gekidnappt" ist die Note: This Thor 4 marks Cda Premium debut of K. He deals with them himself and finds out they expect the rival gang Road Dogs for a confrontation which would wreck the town. Fearing the boy can identify them, they try to hunt him down. Home Serien Knight Rider Episodenguide. Computerspiele Nobody Does It Better. Knight Rider Episoden

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