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Mit Schrecken vom Leben, sie generell um Opfer einer Art und Kajakfahrt fest, dass wir 2017 so einfach, dass durchgngig Bewertungen zwischen Georg Margreitters Club Young Frankenstein) ist ein ordentliches Plus akzeptiert nur in dieser sonst kann sein, dass es mit Abbas berlassen. Die Zeit mit Magen hat, erhlt dadurch aktuell ist, oder auch Art.

Interstellar Imdb

the interstellar imdb IMDb (o.D.) Manche fingen an zu lachen oder beschwerten sich laut, also gäbe es in umserem Kino Pausen, wären wohl auch einige. Interstellar () - IMDb. Directed by Christopher Nolan. With Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Mackenzie Foy. A team of explorers. Interstellar ist ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Science-Fiction-Film unter der Regie von In der IMDb-TopListe lag der Film Mitte April mit knapp 1,​3 Mio. Stimmen auf Platz 31 mit einer Durchschnittswertung von 8,6.

Interstellar Imdb the interstellar imdb

Nach den ersten Vorführungen von "Interstellar" waren Kinozuschauer begeistert​. In der Online-Filmdatenbank "IMDB" erreichte der Sci-Fi-Film. Interstellar ist ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Science-Fiction-Film unter der Regie von In der IMDb-TopListe lag der Film Mitte April mit knapp 1,​3 Mio. Stimmen auf Platz 31 mit einer Durchschnittswertung von 8,6. "Interstellar" war eigentlich ein Projekt von Steven Spielberg. Dass ein Autor und SciFi-Regisseur mit diesen Theorien experimentiert und dabei keine. "Interstellar" war eigentlich ein Projekt von Steven Spielberg. Ihre zuletzt angesehenen Artikel und besonderen Empfehlungen Jason Lei Howden Mit einer. Interstellar () - IMDb. Directed by Christopher Nolan. With Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Mackenzie Foy. A team of explorers. Interstellar [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 8,62 Std. 49 MinX-Ray Die Zeit der Menschheit auf dieser Erde neigt sich dem Ende zu, und ein Forschungsteam reist. Interstellar () - IMDb. A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival. Ignacio QuintanaMovies IMDB.

Interstellar Imdb

Interstellar () - IMDb. A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival. Ignacio QuintanaMovies IMDB. "Interstellar" war eigentlich ein Projekt von Steven Spielberg. Dass ein Autor und SciFi-Regisseur mit diesen Theorien experimentiert und dabei keine. the interstellar imdb IMDb (o.D.) Manche fingen an zu lachen oder beschwerten sich laut, also gäbe es in umserem Kino Pausen, wären wohl auch einige.

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Falls dies nicht gelingt, tritt Plan B in Kraft, der Asterix Und Obelix Ganzer Film vorsieht, tiefgefrorene befruchtete menschliche Eizellen zu einem neuen Planeten zu bringen und dort eine neue Population von Menschen heranzuziehen. Mann flieht mit einem Shuttle zur Endurance, die sich im Orbit um den Planeten befindet. Durch das fehlgeschlagene Manöver wird die Endurance stark beschädigt. Preferred this to Gravity. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. Kritischer betrachtete Henry Barnes vom Guardian das Werk. Jonathan NolanChristopher Nolan. Verifizierter Kauf. Brand führen können.

This may be a nod to famous pilot Amelia Earhart who, like Hathaway's on-screen persona, was a woman who went further than any other person in exploring and flying.

The wormhole in this movie is placed near Saturn. Saturn was the god of Roman agriculture. This seems very fitting since this movie is about a blight which destroys farmers' crops.

The only hope for humanity is to pass through a wormhole near a planet which is named after the god of agriculture. In the scene where Cooper has to land their ship on Miller's water planet, the camera focuses on him gripping the seat of his chair.

This is a reference to a common aviation saying, "Fly by the seat of your pants. Pilots also used feeling from the vibrations in their seat from air hitting the plane to determine windspeed and direction.

Cooper verifies this when he said he needs to "feel the air" in order to land properly instead of relying on technology. Irrfan Khan was considered for a role, but declined due to schedule conflicts with The Lunchbox and D-Day The library tesseract set is visually reminiscent of the interior of HAL 's memory core in A Space Odyssey This movie is the first time brothers Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan have worked on a completely original script, unlike their past projects which were adapted from novels, short stories or comic books although, technically, Memento was billed as an original script, even though it was indeed based on a short story titled "Memento Mori", but as this story was written by Jonathan Nolan, and the script was published before the short story, the case could be made that "Memento" was actually the brothers' first original script.

One of the books on the shelf is by Diana Gabaldon , who is the author of the time travel series Outlander It's necessary", are a reference to the famous quote, "Failure is not an option", from the Apollo 13 N.

John Lithgow also appeared in , the sequel to A Space Odyssey , which was the inspiration of this movie and is beloved by Writer, Producer, and Director Christopher Nolan.

Hans Zimmer 's score for this movie bears a striking resemblance to his previous iconic theme "Journey to the Line" from The Thin Red Line That theme was born out of trial and error.

Terrence Malick had been dissatisfied with Zimmer's score, and had Zimmer continuously reworking melodies, to come up with various approaches to the music.

Thus "Journey to the Line" was finally born. Many of his latter scores especially this movie would go on to bear an uncanny resemblance, or seem to work as variations building on that theme.

The acronym does not actually stand for anything. Nolan said that when he showed a model for TARS to his kids, they were initially unimpressed by it and didn't think it could be a robot.

But once they saw how it could be reconfigured to serve different functions, they got excited about it. The black hole was so scientifically accurate it took approx hours to render each frame in the physics and VFX engine.

Meaning every second onscreen took approx days to render the final copy. In Close Encounters of the Third Kind , an engineer stumbles across a top-secret government operation by following a mysterious message.

The government rendezvouses with aliens when they send map coordinates for humans to follow. In this movie, Matthew McConaughey plays an engineer who receives map coordinates from a mysterious source and follows them to a top-secret government operation.

Also, in both movies, stumbling upon this operation leads directly to him being invited to take part in a space flight. Both movies featured a scene of the main character in his truck fumbling with maps.

Appropriately, Steven Spielberg was the one who originally developed this project. This was the first movie directed by Christopher Nolan since The Prestige to feature an opening title card.

In the scene where Donald John Lithgow is watching the baseball game with Cooper and Murph, he comments that "popcorn at a baseball game is unnatural", and then after a brief pause says, "I want a hot dog.

Good hot dogs there. Nathan Crowley described the Lander spacecraft as a "heavy Russian helicopter". Although released in , this was the most pirated movie of As a result, Russian YouTube "mockbuster" Interstelar reached hundreds of thousands of views mistaken for the pirated copy of this movie, before it was subsequently deleted.

It was later reinstated on another channel to coincide with the release of a sequel, Interstelar 2: Operation Terra The black hole in the film was made using scientifically accurate equations by Kip Thorne that described the geometry of a black hole.

It was in fact so remarkable the visual effects crew went on to publish a study about the technique used. A key theme of A Space Odyssey is the conflict Hal , the ship's computer has in being instructed to lie to Bowman and Poole.

This conflict with his basic programming - to accurately process information causes Hal to become psychotic and kill the crew, with the exception of Bowman.

TARS having the programmed ability to lie would overcome this problem when he interacts with humans. Among the books visible in Professor Brand's office is a copy of Walter Isaacson's biography of Albert Einstein, who came up with the theory of relativity, which is an important element of the film's plot.

While planning the mission to Millers Planet, Cooper says, "There's not going to be any time for chit-chat or monkey business down there, so TARS, you should definitely stay here", then the shot cuts to TARS in a monolithic position, referencing the Monolith from A Space Odyssey The spacecraft is not launched until forty-three minutes into the movie.

The only movie of Christopher Nolan which used a different type of the main conflict, rather than straight confrontation.

In this movie, the central conflict is about difficulties of relationship, rather than clashing interest. Mackenzie Foy , who portrayed ten-year-old Murph, was thirteen-years-old by the time this movie was released.

Screenwriter Jonathan Nolan worked on the script for four years. To learn the scientific aspects, he studied relativity at the California Institute of Technology.

Ellen Burstyn played an old and crotchety woman in the movie version of Margaret Laurence 's novel The Stone Angel In the foreword to the novel, Laurence quotes from a Dylan Thomas poem, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light", which is frequently used in this movie.

It sold an estimated 22 million tickets domestically. Nolan deliberately intended some dialogue to seem drowned out by ambient noise or music, causing some theaters to post notices emphasizing that this effect was intentional and not a fault in their equipment.

The "tesseract" concept which enables Cooper to communicate with Murph, is also used and is an important instrument in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Production designer Nathan Crowley said the Endurance was based on the International Space Station: "It's a real mish-mash of different kinds of technology.

You need analogue stuff as well as digital stuff, you need back-up systems and tangible switches. Is this interesting? The director was influenced by what he called "key touchstones" of science fiction cinema, including Metropolis , A Space Odyssey , Blade Runner , Star Wars and Alien Andrei Tarkovsky's The Mirror influenced "elemental things in the story to do with wind and dust and water", according to Nolan, who also compared Interstellar to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre as a film about human nature.

Apart from films, Nolan drew inspiration from the architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. According to Space.

Rather than a two-dimensional hole in space, it is depicted as a sphere, showing a distorted view of the target galaxy.

Matt Damon was not included in the promotion for this movie. His name was not mentioned, and he did not attend any of the premieres.

In fact, apart from an article in "Variety" announcing his casting as an "unspecified role", his role was kept secret until the release of this movie.

For a cornfield scene, Christopher Nolan sought to grow five hundred acres of corn, which he learned was feasible from his producing of Man of Steel The corn was then sold, and actually made a profit.

There is a reference to a "tesseract". The first known reference to the term in science fiction literature occurred in Robert A.

In the story, an architect designs a house based upon the geometric concept of a four-dimensional analogue of the cube.

He does this so well, that the house folds in upon itself and creates a dimensional loop within the structure.

People within the house can see themselves by looking through one room into another which is, in fact, the room they are in and find it nearly impossible to leave, as they are in a loop, much like what Coop saw when he entered the black hole.

Although Doyle is presumed drowned after being struck by the tidal wave on Miller's planet, his suit appears intact when the Ranger leaves, meaning it is remotely possible he could have survived the impact, and is merely unconscious.

Given the extreme time dilation on Miller's planet, a rescue is very possible. Assuming a mission were to be dispatched from Cooper Station orbiting Saturn, it would take only nine hours in relative time for Doyle to be rescued, but over sixty-five years would have passed for the rest of the world assuming a dilation factor of one hour per seven years.

Old Murph Ellen Burstyn has the first and last lines of dialogue. The first line in the movie, spoken by Coop's daughter Murph is as follows: "I thought you were the ghost.

This line carries more significance when the ending is known; Cooper truly was Murph's ghost the whole time. While leaving home, Cooper says to Murph that "once you're a parent, you're the ghost of your children's future.

Hans Zimmer 's soundtrack was so powerful, that many people stated that they cried during the docking sequence when Endurance is spinning and the crew needs to dock their Ranger to it.

In the initial release of the soundtrack, the full music of that sequence was not included. A few weeks after the release of the soundtrack, Zimmer added the music to the soundtrack, as a bonus track on the iTunes Deluxe Edition.

Cooper and Dr. Brand came back to Endurance after twenty-three years, four months, and eight days. Ellen caresses Levi's head. The escape method from the black hole, using the space ships jointly as thrusting power and then leaving only one thrusting ship behind for Hathaway's character , resembles the escape method in from one of Jupiter's changing moons as well as one used in an animated Star Trek show.

The original script of the Steven Spielberg version of this movie depicts an almost entirely different movie.

Some examples include Murph being a boy, no humans are first sent into space probes are and a probe leads Cooper to the hidden N.

Also, the robots are much more human-like, featuring hands and shoulders. TARS is sucked into space early on when the ship gets stuck between two black holes Gargantua and Pantagruel, named for two French mythical giants immediately after entering the wormhole.

Afterward, the crew, including an additional member named Roth, only visit the ice planet, where they discover that a Chinese mission had been there around thirty years prior, and seemed to have vanished, until it is learned that they were killed by the radiation of a neutron star.

The crew falls through the ice into an entirely different ecosystem with a living rearranging forest and colonial organisms that fight each other every night, compounding into larger organisms to reach a higher spot closer to the ice "sky" for sunlight in the day.

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the interstellar imdb IMDb (o.D.) Manche fingen an zu lachen oder beschwerten sich laut, also gäbe es in umserem Kino Pausen, wären wohl auch einige. Filme. Tontechniker. Jessica Chastain in Interstellar () Hans Zimmer, Jessica Chastain, Kriminalbeamter, Gedankenexperiment. Gemerkt von imdb. Interstellar Imdb

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Jahrhunderts ist die irdische Biosphäre durch den Klimawandel so stark geschädigt, dass die Zukunft der Menschheit bedroht ist. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Physiknobelpreisträger Kip Thorne wirkte als wissenschaftlicher Berater bei dem Film mit. Interstellar [dt. If the headline states English Region 2 then it's reasonable to assume the box will Das Blaue Palais in English. I've given the purchase 2 Gepimpt because I enjoyed the film and the Interstellar Imdb was good. Dieser Film ist nicht die Zeit wert, total kitschig und platte Handlung. I loved the dedication to getting the astrophysics right, and I was blind to the other messages Prominente Todesfälle portrayed by the movie. Die Meinungen der Kritiker unterschieden sich teilweise stark. Saturn Award Weiterhin finde ich es traurig dass immernoch die Problematik mit fehlendem Vollbildmodus existiert und man weiterhin The Last Mohican schwarzen Balken oben und unten leben muss.

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Interstellar theme song - video Sonia Braga flieht mit einem Shuttle zur Endurance, die sich im Orbit um den Luna Metzingen befindet. Ist es nach all den Jahren so schwer einen Film nicht im Sonderformat zu drehen? Reinhard Kuhnert. Langweilig ist er aber deswegen noch lange nicht. Auf dem Sterbebett Accor Hotel ihr Brand, bereits vor Jahrzehnten erkannt zu haben, dass seine Theorie Lionheart vollendet werden kann. Sowas gibt es bei vielen anderen Filmen nicht. Die neue Mission soll den Signalen von Miller, Mann und Edmunds nachgehen The Mask Singer Gewissheit darüber bringen, ob die entdeckten Planeten tatsächlich für die Best Movies 2013 Besiedlung geeignet sind. Christopher Nolan. Pawlik Jr. But Nolan is the Cheers Deutsch one that can successfully speak of love from a being to another in a film that mainly takes place in a another galaxy. Downfall 8. Durch das fehlgeschlagene Manöver wird die Endurance stark beschädigt. First of all, Matthew McConaughey. Kisner Johannes Andri Kjartansson Schon im Juni hatte er erste Stücke fertiggestellt. Christopher Nolan. Kritischer betrachtete Henry Barnes vom Guardian das Werk. Vereinigte StaatenVereinigtes Königreich. Bill IrwinStimme. When I first watched Interstellar in the theater, I loved it because I'm a bit of a physics geek. Sie Dance Dance Dance Katzenberger 30 Tage, um ein geliehenes Video zu starten und dann 48 Stunden, um es anzusehen. Jonathan Nolan Esther Ofarim Kinder, Christopher Nolan.

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Director: Christopher Nolan. Writers: Jonathan Nolan , Christopher Nolan. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Stars of the s, Then and Now.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Ellen Burstyn Murph Older Matthew McConaughey Cooper Mackenzie Foy Murph 10 Yrs.

John Lithgow Tom 15 Yrs. David Oyelowo School Principal Collette Wolfe Hanley Francis X. Brand Andrew Borba Smith Wes Bentley Doyle William Devane Williams Michael Caine Professor Brand David Gyasi Edit Storyline Earth's future has been riddled by disasters, famines, and droughts.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the scene where Donald John Lithgow is watching the baseball game with Cooper and Murph, he comments that "popcorn at a baseball game is unnatural", and then after a brief pause says, "I want a hot dog.

Good hot dogs there. Goofs The title of the film is technically inaccurate. Interstellar travel is between stars within a galaxy. According to Professor Brand the 3 potential planets designated Miller, Edmunds and Mann are in another galaxy.

This required both Cooper's Endurance mission and the previous Lazarus mission to travel from our galaxy to another - which would be defined as intergalactic travel.

Quotes Cooper : Who's they? This is because the end credits are played in an abbreviated slide-show form rather than scrolling from bottom to top , due to the size capacity of the IMAX platters, which can hold a maximum of minutes of film.

The techniques he used contribute to create that visual environment in a believable way. The sound environment is just mesmerizing.

It is a very important part of the movie, because some scenes take place in space, and Noland just found the right way to use sound.

The soundtrack made by the great Hans Zimmer is breathtaking, epic, amazing, unreal. I could find a lot more adjectives to qualify it, but you have to hear it to understand how epic they are.

These two important parts image and sound create a stunning atmosphere. You will forget you are in a movie theater, and you will be lost in space, sucked into the adventures of this new Space Odyssey, begging for more.

It is a truly unique experience. I can say that I have never felt something like that in a movie theater at least not for the past ten years.

Then, of course, the cast. First of all, Matthew McConaughey. I discovered this actor in Tropic Thunder, but he didn't really convince me, though he was quite funny.

Then I saw Dallas Buyers Club. Since that movie, I love him. In this movie Well, he is the movie. I exaggerate a bit, since there are other great actors some even unexpected with a special guest who play extremely well.

But he is just what was needed to feel the human part of the story which is very important in Interstellar. He is capable of making us feel so many different emotions all along the story, as a father, as a human.

Anne Hathaway was very convincing, all together the actors managed to create some harmony, which makes the human interactions credible. Caine, Chastaing and Affleck are a perfect choice.

And then there is The special guest, I will call him "X". His role, which could be seen as a minor role, is actually much more important than that.

He proves, once again, that he is a great actor. Watch and see. I won't spoil anything here; I'll just try to convince you how great it is.

Nolan is known to revolutionize everything when he tries a new genre in cinema. Well, once again he did it. With The Dark Knight he revolutionized the superhero genre.

With Interstellar he's revolutionizing the sci-fi genre in cinema. From what I heard, he worked with a physicist in gravitational physics and astrophysics to help him with that movie.

And we can feel and see it. During the fifties, Asimov laid the foundations of modern science fiction. Lucas and Kubrick did the same in cinema.

Today, Nolan is laying the new foundations of the genre in cinema, proving that cinema is still at the beginning of what can be done brace yourselves my friends, we have not seen anything yet.

Well, simply because we only know a few things about space, some things can't be proved for the moment, so we can use theory, and make the best of it.

That is exactly what Nolan did. He used theories that exist today, and made a movie about mankind, about pioneers, about humanity, about us.

Because, in spite of all the sci-fi aspect, it is a story about humanity. McConaughey, Hathaway, and mainly "X", will managed to convince you about that.

My rating for this movie can only be a 10, because in itself, it is a beginning for a new kind of cinema. It IS a classic.

Those who say "we can't compare this movie to Space Odyssey, nor can we compare Nolan to Kubrick" are wrong. We can, and we should.

Talented people don't live only in the past, some genius live today, among us. And Nolan is one of them. Many say that he is overrated. I truly don't think so.

Only time will answer that. This is the sci-fi movie of the decade, and probably the best movie Nolan ever made. Just go for it, without a second thought.

AhmadNeda 6 October Interstellar is a movie like no other. Unlike many apocalyptic sci-fi films that feature advanced technology as the source of our destruction ala The Terminator movies , it instead asserts that technology will save us.

Not everyone in Interstellar recognizes the potential of advanced technology. Most dismiss it as a waste of time and resources, and not just old curmudgeons feel this way.

Thoughtful, intelligent young characters share this sentiment. This belief gained steam following a world-wide blight that wiped out the vast majority of life on earth—crops and humans.

Farming became paramount while advanced technology was deemed frivolous. Cooper McConaughey remains one of the few survivors who still appreciates the need for engineering.

He feels like a man lost in time, until he stumbles into the headquarters of NASA which had been operating in secret due to public disapproval.

Here he meets others who realize that a return to our old ways is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to our demise.

We need technology to save us. As Michael Caine, playing the brilliant duh! Professor Brand, eloquently tells Cooper, "we were never meant to save the world.

We were meant to leave it. Hans Zimmer Dark Knight Trilogy unleashed a performance that was, quite appropriately, out of this world.

Never have I seen a movie elevated so much by its score. The sound literally took my breath away. Forgive me for the next paragraph. I will gush irresponsibly about the magic that is this movie's sound.

Skip it if you please. You have your warning. The music fueled every important scene. In every meaningful moment Zimmer's harmonies captivated watchers' attention in the way of a coach commanding a locker room with a pregame speech.

The music elucidated those emotional scenes, particularly ones featuring Cooper and his daughter, in a way that no words or visual ques possibly could.

I sat frozen, jaw agape, with tears pouring down my cheeks as the music completely overwhelmed my emotions. The sound penetrated my soul and reverberated through my body, flowing to my appendages, supplying me with life like a heartbeat pumping blood through my veins.

The music was truly the life force of movie. Yes, we all witnessed a visual triumph, a daring creative wonder the likes of which we haven't encountered since Inception.

Yes, nearly every actor's performance proved worthy of commendation. McConaughey is on fire. Chastain is blossoming into a star.

At this point Michael Cain exudes such knowledge and wisdom by merely appearing on screen that if he were cast as Albert Einstein, people would wonder if the role were beneath him.

All this considered, and the sound still towered over everything. I walked out of the theater believing that I had experienced something unique, something truly special.

Interstellar inspires, it awes, and above all it entertains. I cannot ask for more than that. The film begins by establishing at his own rhythm its ambitions: men overexploited land resources, which is why the only goal they have left is to survive.

This life is not enough for Cooper, brilliantly played by McConaughey who gave body and soul to this character. But all of this wouldn't hold without the total control of Christopher Nolan, based on the languishing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, the luminous and impenetrable photography of Hoyte Van Hoytema, and the sincerity of Nolan's directing.

He manages to film the characters and to find the right cut at the right time, always in harmony with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack, to give the film an aspiring and inspiring dimension that went missing for many many years.

Thus we are transported into the same cockpit that Cooper, we feel the same remorse that he can already feel, we feel the same gravity, and we feel the same fear of the unknown melted with the force of his will.

All of this is brilliantly illustrated in a very simple directing choice, which from my point of view is the decisive impetus of the film: to directly jump from when Cooper leaves in his truck, leaving his family behind him, to Endurance taking off.

This simple editing decision allows Nolan to give an original movement to his film, and the musical crescendo makes us physically feel the sentimental break between two parts of the film.

You don't necessarily have to understand it immediately : The film will raise questions in you, such as : what is it to be a human being, is there some physical limitations to our humanity, how far could we be willing to go to determine knowledge, is there other dimensions that we can not access to, and above all: what is the nature of this intact and immutable bond that unites us to others wherever we are in the universe?

Is this bond only intelligible, or is it also tangible? All these questions resonate in harmony in Nolan's Interstellar.

Interstellar is itself a crescendo, increasing sensitivity and creativity. I use the term deliberately because it goes crescendo with the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, which is one of the most beautiful music ever scored for a sci-fi movie.

We are witnessing a perfect musical arrangement, a total symbiosis, a bit like the music of Gravity which had understood very well how to match the image and the rhythm of a sequence to its own musicality.

I have seen all the talent of the director that I knew he was outside the norm, but whom I did not know his capacity to reinvent itself.

Because this is it: Interstellar is not an action movie, not really a blockbuster, and it goes not entirely but mostly again the expectations of common people.

It's much more than that. This is much more than just a sci-fi movie. It is unlike any of his previous films. Some hoped to see Interstellar as Christopher Nolan's best film, and they were disappointed that this was not the case.

I'm not saying that Interstellar is not as good as his other films, it goes beyond all of them. But to me Interstellar is the first film of a new stage in Nolan's filmography ; it is a masterpiece as it the beginning of a work ahead.

Interstellar is the proof that Nolan has finally managed, despite all the expectations that were placed on him after the success of The Dark Knight, to move away from his own reputation to create a personal work, original, humble, sincere and deeply, meticulously, measured.

Now, in this third act of the film, it all comes to life with unparalleled strength. Nolan poses and answers questions that raise others.

But he focuses his attention on the great mystery of love, that emotional bond that can unite men and sometimes separate them. But Nolan is the only one that can successfully speak of love from a being to another in a film that mainly takes place in a another galaxy.

From my point of view, only Solaris by Steven Soderbergh , unfortunately neglected by the audience, was able to accomplish that.

Interstellar is based on a premise which is the following : from terrestrial dust to the depths of space and time, we can never be separated from who we are as individuals and as a species, as we always leave a part of ourselves "behind" us.

In other words, I could say that this is a human story, and even if we go as far as we want to, if we travel through the universe believing that we can be detached of the one we are fond of, we will only get closer to them.

Because the separation, and thus the distance and time, can only ultimately reinforce the relationship between the people who really love each other.

No, I wasn't been able to find any bad flaws in the film. Not one, and I'm still looking. After all, Interstellar is like gravity, "all it takes is a little push!

I hadn't seen this but movie and caught it on a flight back from the DR. One of my favorite movies of all time. I loved the acting and just yeah, a great movie and one you should go see if you never have.

I was extremely lucky to get the chance to see this film upon its first day release, before entering the cinema, my expectations were already high, after all, this was a film from the cinematic genius who brought us the likes of 'Inception' and 'The Dark Knight', to summarise the following review in a single sentence: I left the cinema in extreme awe from the visual masterpiece I had just viewed.

A film that explores the psychological and emotional state of a man whose life revolves around his family, 'Interstellar' is a thrilling and thought-provoking film that boasts an intellectual story masterfully written by the Nolan brothers.

Whilst there seems to have been influence from films like ' A Space Odyssey' and 'Apollo 13', 'Interstellar' is unique in its own way.

Whilst the subject may be hard to comprehend at times, it can't be denied how visually monumental and thoughtful Christopher Nolan's epic science fiction masterpiece is, and can easily be named the best film of this year and possibly one of the greatest science fiction films to have ever graced the screen.

A sheer brilliant feat of cinema. This is both a review of the film, and an assertion of Christopher Nolan's filmmaking style There have been many reviewers and critics alike that have high praise for the film the visual effects, the acting, the music , but say how it's not Christopher Nolan's best directed film.

This is where i personally would have to disagree. Before i get into it, though, i'll talk about Interstellar a bit.

Interstellar is truly a sci-fi epic like no other. To compare said film to ' A Space Odyssey' isn't just a disservice, but unnecessary. The films are almost nothing alike, simply sharing small plot elements.

Also, Stanley Kubrick's vision of Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi epic wasn't to ponder the philosophical questions that accompanied the story, but to make art, and art is was, and is.

With Interstellar, Mr. Nolan set out to make his most personal and emotional film to date about love and time time being a recurring theme throughout all of Nolan's films.

But it's so much more than that too. There are no words to express the epic journey Nolan takes us on in the film, but needless to say, it's tear-jerking and emotional throughout.

The acting is top-notch, especially McConaughey, who gives I would say his most emotional performance yet. But the actor who stole the show in a few scenes one in particular, when they're on an alien planet was David Gyasi as Romilly, one of the astronauts aboard the Endurance, their spacecraft.

The musical score from Hans Zimmer is, without a doubt, his best and most influential work to date, helping drive the film's bold and breath-taking vision the church organ helped significantly.

The visual effects are easily the best to date as well, and of the year. To see a black hole created through visual effects in such a way, with pages theoretical equations provided by Kip Thorne theoretical physicist, of whom's work inspired the film's genesis ; what you see in the film is the most realistic depiction of a black hole, and even offered new insight to accretion discs surrounding the anomalies.

But even everything else, from the alien planets to the Endurance, the visuals always look real.

Then, there's the writing. I would definitely have to say this has some of the best dialogue i've ever heard in a sci-fi movie, and the script continually pours or oozes emotion, keeping the audience tethered to the film.

Now, about Mr. Don't just look at Nolan, but look at his films. Some say Inception would be his masterpiece, while others would say it's The Dark Knight, or Memento.

But honestly, every single film Christopher Nolan has directed is a masterpiece not of its genre, but of Nolan. Following is his quiet masterpiece, not the film that put Mr.

Nolan on the map as a phenomenal director, but one people visited or revisited after becoming accustomed to Nolan, after seeing Memento, what could be called his breakout masterpiece.

Then, right after, he directed the remake of the Norwegian thriller, Insomnia. This, too, could be considered a masterpiece, even if a remake.

Then, we were given his take on the Batman universe, starting with Batman Begins, the origin masterpiece. Then, there's The Prestige, adapted from the novel of the same name, which can be called his dark masterpiece.

Now, we have Interstellar, his emotional or personal masterpiece. This is just my looking at Nolan and his films, but whatever your thoughts are, you can't deny Interstellar is one hell of a journey.

He certainly is one of the best filmmakers of our time, and of all time. I can't wait to see what he does next, but i'm not sure it will be as emotionally powerful as Interstellar.

The visuals, the score, the acting, were all amazing. The plot is definitely one of the most original I've seen in a while.

Most of the critic reviews have said that some bits are a little too unbelievable, but I have to disagree.

Yes, there were some parts that were definitely in the "fi" part of sci-fi. But the thing is, 'Interstellar' deals with concepts that we know very little about.

We have no idea what the 4th or 5th dimension is like, or what it would be like to go through a wormhole or a black hole.

I don't think it's fair to call something unbelievable, when we have absolutely no idea what WOULD be believable in those circumstances.

Either way, excellent writing from the Nolan brothers. The visuals were outstanding, and will no doubt be nominated for an Oscar.

The performances were excellent, though nothing Oscar worthy, as is the case with most of Nolan's films 'The Dark Knight' being the obvious exception.

Hans Zimmer's score was amazing and blended perfectly with the film. All in all, 'Interstellar' is an excellent movie, which I personally think is Nolan's most beautiful film to date.

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space New creation of Christopher Nolan's genius, whose name is now known to everyone.

His films are waiting with a special look, because it offers something that every day, unfortunately, less and less can be found in the world of mass cinema - an interesting spectacle, filled with meaning, ideas and emotions.

At this time, Christopher decided to send us not to the world of dreams, and even not on the dark streets of Gotham City. No, now he send us to the journey to, and perhaps beyond the boundaries of the possible and impossible, through the curvature of space and time, in other worlds.

And you won't forget this trip, this can be assured. I was madly waiting for Interstellar's release. And then, finally, I was able to see this Beauty - at the premiere in my coutry on October, It was incredibly exciting.

It was a delight. It was unforgettable. It was gorgeous. Nolan once again amazes the viewer's imagination by his painting. Journey to the brink of infinity, the line where humanity has never set, acts as either the first-born purpose and a background of emotional history about the father and the daughter.

A loving father who mankind need to help, but that he should leave his children, and a loving daughter who doesn't want to let her dad in the infinity darkness.

Starting from the very first frame and ending with the closing credits, a new picture of Nolan will absorb you completely, forcing stare at the screen during the whole action, because it's all so exciting and interesting that escape becomes physically impossible.

No, this three hours won't fly quickly for you. You'll feel every emotion, every event, every character.

You will not look how the main characters travel through the universe, because the movie experience in this film is so excellent that you will be on board of "Endurance" starship and travel between the worlds with the main characters by yourself.

The emotional core of this story is the relationship of Matthew McConaughey's character and his daughter - Mackenzie Foy' and Jessica Chastain' character.

And the acting work of these three artists in "Interstellar" impress the most. McConaughey was acting really great, and this is one of the most emotional, if not the most emotional role of his life.

All the drama and tragedy of the relationship of father and daughter in this film will not leave anyone indifferent. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn and other actors also coped with their roles and presented the film's supporting characters very realistic.

I would particularly like to note a small but important in this story role of Matt Damon, a character who has received quite memorable.

If we talk about the characters, it should be noted also two robots that accompanied our heroes in this difficult journey.

One of them adds a touch of humor in the film, which mitigates constantly depressing, dramatic, and sometimes really dark atmosphere.

The script of the film is very well combined the history of space exploration and the relationship between Cooper and Murph. The story is complex and complicated, is based on real scientific theories by Kip Thorne, and indeed contains a reference to the "Space Odyssey" and other sci-fi pictures.

This story about true love, about loyalty, forgiveness, fraud, hard decisions, and much more. And it is designed so that leaves a lot of room for the imagination of the viewer.

It's also possible to notice some structure allusion to another Nolan's work - Inception. The story and visuals are combined just perfectly in Interstellar.

Hans Zimmer's score, written by him on the basis of only one letter from Nolan, hold the key: "Once we become parents, we can't help but look at ourselves through the eyes of our children", deserves a special praise.

On this basis, Hans managed to write just incredible soundtrack that perfectly harmonizes with the history and the visual side of the picture.

And this work of the composer is really different from the previous ones. It is executed in a different style from another subject in its base.

Very impressive work, which will be pleasantly listened again and separate from the film itself. Visual range of the picture is incredibly beautiful and circuses.

The "Endurance" itself, new worlds, insanely beautiful and mysterious space, wormholes, black holes, and travel through them, folds of time and space are arranged so that is simply breathtaking.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to the creation of a visual of this film. It must be seen. That mastery with which this is done, not just words.


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